Hello and welcome, I’m Emma.

I’m a Mother, a tea drinker and a girl who lives for those take your breath away moments. I’d love to leave it at that and place a pretty picture right here but I’d also really like for you to get to know me. So just who is ‘She’ and what shall I expect from ‘Everything She Loves?’


I’m a family girl born and raised in the City of Glasgow, I love that I’m Scottish. My sisters are my best friends and my parents are my greatest support, nothing makes me happier than a roast dinner at my parents on a Sunday afternoon, it’s the best.

My compulsive traits would have me layout this page in chronological order but impulse has me move swiftly on to speak of my little boy, my little Alfie. In October 2016 I became a Mother to my darling baby boy. He’s the most incredible little guy, he inspires me daily and brings me the greatest joy. Motherhood is where I feel I belong, doesn’t that sound crazy! It’s a colourful, spontaneous and fun loving place. I had no idea just how selfless, caring and hearty one girl could be until I became a parent. I love being a Mum, I cherish every moment.


Before Motherhood I spent my free time travelling. I’d save, plan, travel and repeat. Then I met Darren, my other half, and we got to save, plan and travel together. In 2015 we sold our homes, I quit my job and we set off around the world with nothing but a backpack and a desire to explore. It was the trip of a life time. We returned home after 8 months, a little earlier than planned however  little Alf was on his way. Darren and I promised each other that one day we would complete the adventure, tick off all those bucket list moments, how exciting knowing little Alf is here for the ride too.

Are you still with me, shall I keep going?

I rarely have ‘spare time’ these day but if I did you’d catch me reading, running, practising yoga (often in yoga pants drinking tea), or scrolling through lush travel blogs on Instagram, they get me every time and I hold my hands up, I spend way too much time on Instagram! I like to think of my life as a simple way of living with less thinking and more feeling, a life that is well balanced. I live by gratitude, it’s got me to where I am today.

I give life my all and hope that shines through in my blog posts. I’ve created this space to share my journey into Motherhood, our family adventures and all the bits in-between. I hope to shed light on the uncertainty of Motherhood, sometimes just knowing your not alone is all you need. It’s a  wonderful yet crazy journey to say the least. I hope to inspire all who visit and I hope you leave with the intention of coming back soon.  I’m a shoot from the heart kind of girl so expect a real honest approach. I share my thoughts and feelings on those topics I’m passionate about most. I like to think of this space as a raw approach with some pretty pictures.

It’s also a space to build a community, communicate and share. I think of this as just you and I, the girls having a chin wag and a cuppa. I really do love meeting new people so please come say hi.

Hope to see you again soon.

With love,