Cybex Pallas S-Fix Car seat: The seat designed to grow with your baby

With more staycations than ever this year it’s important that our little people are travelling in the safest and most comfortable way possible. I’ve recently upgraded both kids car seats as they seemed to have outgrown their seats overnight. Is it just me that finds choosing a car seat a little overwhelming? There are so many brands each with a variety of styles, then there’s all the jargon and the cost, it’s a lot to digest and it can be confusing!

My kids are 20 months and 3 years – completely different stages in childhood so in need of two completed different car seat functions. After extensive research we’ve gone for the Cybex Pallas S-Fix and the Cybex Sirona S I-Size, (how’s that for jargon)!

This isn’t my first purchase from the Cybex brand, so in some ways I know what to expect in terms of quality, functionality and most importantly safety. Cybex are world leaders in combining style and practicality and their car seats demonstrate exactly that.

I’ve written a detailed review of the Sirona S I-Size here but for now lets chat about the Pallas S-Fix, suitable from 9 months to 12 years this investment piece is designed to grow with your child.

Undoubtedly the Pallas S-Fix ticks all the functionality boxes but there’s a few unique functions that first grabbed my attention when reviewing this car seat.

Adjustable Impact Shield

The newly designed impact shield adjusts for ultimate comfort and fits perfectly to the child’s body. It’s basically a cushioned bar that sits snug across the childs body but also offers more freedom of movement of the upper body as well as ensuring maximum safety. From my end, it’s easy to use and slides into place using just one hand. The design of this system is to provide the highest safety in frontal collisions – the force of a head-on collision is distributed and absorbed across the impact shield. The impact shield can also be removed for older children, there’s no fiddly bits, it’s easy to guide on and off.

Reclining Headrest

One of the most important factors when choosing a car seat was finding one that supported my eldest whilst sleeping in the car. He’s almost 4, it’s rare these days but every so often he’ll nap and previously his head would slump forward. The Pallas S-Fix has an impressive reclining headrest which prevents the child’s head from tipping forward while sleeping. It ensures that the child’s head remains in the safety zone at all times, which is especially important in the event of a side-impact collision. Now I’m thinking if only he would nap in the car more often!!

It’s Comfortable

It’s so important our little people are comfortable in the car especially if travelling often or on longer journeys. Like all the Cybex range these car seats are of the highest quality. The seat is extra wide and deep and it’s well cushioned for a snug fit throughout the years. The ventilation system works to provide a comfortable seat temperature even on hot days. It looks and feels comfortable, the fabric is lovely and the entire seat feels like a cushion shell where my little one can ride in comfort.

In a nutshell, I love it. I like the ease of use, Alfie can climb in and out himself thanks to the wide based seat. I like that he can dose off in comfort and most importantly I like that I have piece of mind, I know he’s travelling in the safest way. This car seat will travel with us for many years to come.

Oh and if you’re still unsure which car seat is right for you, check out my Cybex Sirona I-Size review here.

Happy and Safe Travels, Thanks For Stopping By, Emma xx

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