Travelling With A Baby, 6 Things to Pack

Yay you’re off on holiday!

Jetting off with your own little ray of sunshine on a big adventure, oh the memories you’ll make. Cases packed, passport checked, you’re almost on your way! Oh wait, first you gotta pack those cases and with children, (two in my case… not actually in my case, obviously), that can be a pretty daunting task to say the least. What do you pack, how do you pack? Read on for my top 6 must haves for travelling with children.

Firstly though, I find packing a chore and not a pleasant chore at that, I always put it off till the very last minute, then I run around crazy trying to get organised, that’s just me, that’s how I work. That said, travelling with two kids, (5 month old and 2 year old), requires a little more organisation. Luckily I have the Natural Baby Shower on hand, a store with all my most loved, most used baby products under one roof, (or one click should I say)!

I’ve shopped with the NBS since my first born was tiny, it’s a store I appreciate dearly. Natural Baby Shower champion all things natural and organic. The selection of handpicked brands ensure that the methods of productions, from the materials and packaging used are supporting sustainability, I like that. It’s a one stop shop focused on beautiful, top quality baby products with helpful, friendly customer service, they totally understand every family is different, every family is unique, I like that too.

Be sure to check out the handy Holiday Shop for packing inspiration and the Natural Baby Shower Blog is also a must read, I often refer to the blog every time we reach a new baby milestone, it’s packed full of useful information and great reads.

Okay let’s get started, here is my top 6 picks for travelling with children.

Travel Buggy

In no particular order (however if I where to choose, this would definitely be my number one must have item). The super-light BabyZen YoYo+ is suitable from birth till around 3 years and for such a small compact buggy it glides with ease. The featherweight buggy has a clever folding mechanism, which allows it to be opened and folded in seconds with just one hand. But you already knew all that because let’s face it, everyone is raving about the Babyzen Yo-Yo+ (and rightly so). Both my kids get great use from this buggy, Esme has used hers since birth with the newborn back and Alfie fits comfortably in his at 2years 7 months. I use the Babyzen Yo-Yo+ daily back home, for travel it’s just perfect! Don’t forget to pack pushchair accessories, the Babyzen sun parasol and inset net have been great on this trip.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors allow you to travel anywhere with a baby with complete peace of mind. I often find I’m more cautious in general when away from home, baby monitors give me an added reassurance when the kids are resting. Having travel monitors helps me to relax and enjoy those rare downtime moments, perhaps if all the stars align and both kids nap at the same time I might even get a chance to read a book on the terrace whilst the little ones nap indoors. For this trip I’m taking our YOO-Travel video baby monitor by Babymoov. I choose this monitor based on it’s rechargeable long lasting battery, it allows 24 hours non-stop use and its camera provides high quality wide-angle 180° night vision which is perfect if like me you have more than one baby in the room. I’ll pack a book just incase, you never know!


I rave about swaddles on a daily basis and rightly so, they have an abundance of uses, I don’t leave home without them! When travelling, swaddles are perfect as a light blanket, a comforter, a quick fix to clean up spillages or even to protect little ones from direct sun, the list goes on. Swaddles are multi purpose all round great products to have. Aden + Anais is my go to. They make all their swaddles from muslin with the idea that breathability, softness and durability it is the best and safest material to wrap your little one in, I completely agree. Pack swaddles, you’ll thank me later!

Baby Carrier

I’m a huge fan of baby wearing, for me it’s another chance to creating a closer bond with my little one whilst getting on with my everyday, (most of which is running after an active toddler). Being hands free on holiday is equally as important as back home. Beach walks, afternoon strolls, shuffling around the airport, baby wearing is a great way of effortlessly getting around with baby. I’ve tried and tested a few baby wearing devices. I love the BabyBjorn Jersey Mini Baby Carrier, designed for use throughout those first few precious months. My little one is 5 months and sits comfortable in hers. For older babies the Ergo Omni 360 is a fabulous product, with 4 carry positions it will see your little one from birth to toddler.


Being organised is key when travelling with little ones. Passports, wallets, important documents, all those items you store neatly in a secure place! Don’t drop the ball by chucking everything else into your baby changing bag! I find organisers, (in other words, mini bags) a real game changer when being organised on the go. The feeder pod by Pacapod is perfect for separating and storing baby products, allowing quick and easy access when needed. I take the Feeder Pod, (which can keep bottles warm and food cold) and Changer Pod everywhere with me! It keeps me organised when on the go!

Protective Clothing

Protective sun wear is essential, I also keep the kids out the sun between 12pm-4pm, (Esme only in sun in very small doses with full protective sun wear and sun cream). NBS have a real useful blog post explaining the difference from SPF’s and UVB’s and all that’s in between, it’s a great read. I’m also loving using Splash About swimwear. The kids wetsuits have a swim-school approved swim nappy integrated, it’s perfect for Alfie who’s also learning to wear big boy pants.

Travelling with children need not be daunting! With a little organisation and some fabulous products that help make life on the go a little easier, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t pack that bag sooner!

What’s your top tips for travelling with a baby, I’d love to know!

Enjoy your trip and as always, thanks so much for stopping by.

See you soon,

Emma x

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Warm Welcome. I’m Emma, also known as Muma to my little love, Alf. I’m sharing life as a new Mum, all things travel and lifestyle, I speak from the heart. I’m a family girl with an endless love for photography and travel. I’d like to say self taught yoga lover but some days I just wear yoga pants and drink tea. I spend far to much time on Instagram. Join me on my journey as I venture through this wonderful motherhood experience and country by country introduce this marvellous world to my little boy. I start every day with a grateful heart. Hope to see you again soon. Emma

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