Alf’s Bedroom Makeover. Transition From Cot to Toddler Bed.

Motherhood, the constant battle between holding on to precious moments wishing they’d last a little longer and then there’s those days where bedtime can’t come quick enough. I often crave the past whilst wishing the days away, hoping for the next stage to get here! There’s never a truer saying, this time with our babies goes by in a flash, they grow up way too fast, before we know it… the next stage is happening now!

We are ready for the next stage in Alfie’s life, he’s moving from cot to toddler bed which also ends our co-sleeping days. I have mixed emotions on this, I’m so looking forward to owning my half of the bed again but equally I’ll miss those midnight cuddles so very much, many of you will know, co-sleeping got us through some real tough times, it’s the end of a long, emotional journey.



I’ve asked myself the same questions over and over! Is now the right time? Is he ready? How do I even know! There has been so many changes at home lately which initially scared me off making any further disruptions however as a parent there are times when you have to trust your motherly instinct. I think he’s ready for it, I think he’s ready for the move!

It’s been 3 full weeks, here’s what’s helped with transitioning from cot to toddler bed.


Routine is key. Whatever your nightly routine may be, it must be consistent! Our routine starts around 6pm with a bath almost straight after dinner, (saves double cleaning after a messy meal). After bath, it’s book and bottle time. At 28 months Alfie still likes a little milk before dosing off, some nights he doesn’t bother to drink it but its very much part of his routine, it’s what he knows and recognises as bedtime, we do this at the same time every night. Since Esme arrived it’s been a bit of a juggling act to keep to the same routine going nightly however it’s very much still our main focus.

The Wow Factor

The build up to the move has to be pretty full on! Getting as much hype and excitement on the go has certainly helped get Alfie’s buy in. We even did a 3,2,1 taadaa moment and he absolutely loved it. Getting your little one excited about the move will encourage them to spend time in that room and enjoy the space.

Rainbow Print 
Book Case 

Keep Somethings Constant

As well as routine, keeping some familiarity in the room is important. Comforter, favourite teddy and the same settings on Alf’s night light helped soothe the transition. We didn’t move the layout of the room too much either, his new bed pretty much replaced the his cot!

Cot Bed
Raindrop Wall Stickers 

The Right Bed

Finding the right bed can help ease the transition in stages. After ample research we choose the Snuz ScandiKot . This cot bed initially caught my eye for it’s beautiful look and stylish design however what really sold it was the one sided bed feature, it allows a gradual transition to the toddler bed! Another clever product I’ve recently discovered is the Snuz Surface mattress, the mattress that grows with your baby. By adjusting the firmness, the mattress adapts to your growing baby’s needs. Firm support for baby, medium support for toddler and so on. Again a little familiarity throughout the transition may work wonders.

Watercolour Whale Decals
Style My Week Pouch 
Machine Washable Rug 
House Shelves

I absolutely love how the room has turned out, it’s my favourite room in the house. The theme was inspired by a number of things, mainly my love for all things Scandinavian.  When I heard Snüz where introducing a new nursery range it made perfect sense as I’ve been a huge fan of the brand since Alfie was born. I also let Alfie choose the theme from a selection of wall decals, the whales (or sharks as he calls them) won him over in the end. Wall decals are such a simple yet effective way to add a feature wall, these can also be removed and reused. I absolutely love the finished look and considering just how much time Alfie likes to spend in his new room, it’s safe to say it’s a huge hit with him too!


Before writing this tonight I popped my head in to Alfie’s room and there he was, my big boy, no longer a baby, sleeping soundly in his new bed, it totally pulled on all my heart strings. There I was, just a parent, wishing this moment would last a little longer, knowing it won’t be long until we welcome the next new stage once again!

Thanks for stopping by.

All my love

Emma x


This post was written in collaboration with Snuz. All tagged items in this post have been gifted.

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