The New Joolz Day3, The Everyday Pushchair.

The New Joolz Day3 

Lets talk pushchairs! I’ve tried and tested a few pushchairs over the past 2 years and with baby number 2 on way it’s out with the old and in with the new. After two years with my first-born, its safe to say I’m fully aware of what I’m looking for in a stroller, it’s the little things that make a huge difference, it’s the finer details that make for the perfect pushchair.

Adjustable Footrest, Easy Access Bumper Bar, Large Storage Basket

So what exactly am I looking for?  Quite simply a chair that suits our family lifestyle. With our newest arrival due this December and my oldest turning 2, a lot of you are asking if I’m opting for a double pram and what my plans are for out and about with 2? Double stroller is out of the equation for us, that does sound a little harsh and I can’t quite put my finger on why however it’s just not for me. I plan to baby wear a lot more this time round, that will allow my toddler to be in the pushchair when need be. I also like the option, weather permitted, of the littlest one being in the pram cot with the oldest using the buggy board, he’ll love that. There’s always time to revise the situation as and when it happens but for now I’ve been putting the New Joolz Day 3 stroller through its paces, let me share my experience using the Joolz Day 3.

A ‘smarter, easier, better’ version on the Day2, I couldn’t possibly comment as I wasn’t familiar with the day2 however this pram is most definitely smart and easy to use! This well designed chair manoeuvres seamlessly, folds with just one hand in seconds and boasts a very large and easily accessible basket. The features are well thought out and really do make the world of a difference, let me share what features impressed me the most, the features that make out and about with a toddler effortless.


Ultimately it’s all about him, my little one. First thing first, he has to love it and although he’s a boy of very few words, I just know he absolutely does. Comfort it crucial and I love the position in which my  little one sits in this pushchair. The height is perfect, I even found nipping in for a quick coffee break super convenient, the position allows him to sit at the table  as a highchair, a great feature for busy on the go parents. I also feel he sits well in this pushchair, he looks comfortable and at almost two he fits perfectly. His personal preference is to have the leg rest positioned so his knees are bent however it does extend out to allow plenty of room for growth.


We’re park goers day by day, we love off-road experiences and days spent in the city which means I need an adaptable stroller that can do it all. The Joolz Day 3 certainly is that. I was pleasantly surprised at how effortlessly this pram glides and manoeuvres, it really is a dream to push. The challenge I was most surprised at was how well it pushes when ‘off road’ i.e trekking through the woodland area of the park. The smooth 4 wheel suspension is very impressive, it feels light and moves with little effort even on the roughest of surfaces. The Ultimate test this weekend was putting the Day3 through its paces on the cobbles of Edinburgh, again I was amazed at how easily the pram moved over the bumps and glided through the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Top marks for how versatile this pushchair is.

Taking On The Edinburgh Cobbles
Finer Details

The little things that count! I’ve found the Joolz Day 3 large storage basket to be of great use. Why is it that no matter how organised you are, something always makes its way from the changing bag to stuffed under the pushchair. Ease of use is everything when out and about, this large basket has a handy fold down function which makes storing items hassle free. The easy access bumper bar is also a great feature, I’ve found bumper bars to be a bit of a bother in the past, this easy to open feature is great and well positioned, my curious little one loves to learn forward on the bar, eager to see whats coming  up next.

Autumn Strolls in the Park
The Cons

I really cannot fault this pushchair at all but if I had to be finicky I’d say the Day3 boast an effortless fold with one hand function, which is absolutely does. This means both parts, the chaises and seat stay as one when folded keeping it compact and allowing upright storage, which is fabulous! However, I then found it a little difficult to lift both parts in and out of the car. Now I do have to mention, I am 7 months pregnant and shouldn’t be doing much lifting at all. Thankfully the masterminds behind Joolz have that covered. Instead of folding as one, I simple remove the seat, place that into the car followed by the chassis, simple and absolutely doable, I told you I was being finicky!

Adjustable Seat Positioning, Perfect For Afternoon Naps

The pushchair fits out lifestyle perfectly and is quite possibly the most stylish pram I’ve ever seen! Even though I spend more time in mucky welly boots or cosy slippers these days, I love the option of putting on my heels and grabbing coffee in the city, this trendy stroller matches any of these looks. I opted for the Day3 Quadro in Nero (all black) which I just love. I’ve yet to use this stroller without being complimented or asked about it, it really does look the part.  Overall I’m greatly impressed with the performance of the Joolz Day3. The new features are well thought out and well put together, the finer details, the suspension and the ease of use make this a delight to use everyday. My little one loves it and I really cant wait to introduce out newest arrival to the Joolz Day3, after all happy baby, happy Mummy.

I’ll let you guys know how we get on using the cot stroller once little one arrives.

Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.

Love Emma x

This post written in collaboration with Joolz

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