Pregnancy Essentials. My Top Maternity Buy

Now they say no two pregnancies are ever the same, babies are never the same so I suppose cooking them up can only be unique to each little individual. Here’s the thing, first time round, my pregnancy was a dream. I loved being pregnant, the first trimester had the obvious symptoms, nothing to severe, then the second brought a few months of pregnancy glow with the cutest bump and as my due date neared, my energy peaked and I embraced every minute with bump before his arrival. It was such a lovely experience. This time, jeez it’s been so hard but then again life is hard(er)! Life with a toddler is exhausting, throw in my job, blogging, running the house, (not in any particularly order), oh and you know, growing a tiny human, it’s pretty hard going. Physically, I’m not as fit as I was first time round and at 27 weeks I’m huge and not just my bump. Weight gain, fluid retention, back pain (which is an absolute killer) and insomnia sucks! Its fair to say I need all the help I can get this time round.

That all said, wow this pregnancy is flying past, I swear I sat down to put this post together at 12 weeks, fast forward a few months and I’m just about done. I’m glad I’ve taken my time though, I’ve recently discovered new Maternity Essentials, some of which I didn’t know of or need first time round.  Mamas to be, this ones for you.

Lotions and Potions

To date I’m stretch mark free, which does surprise me considering my bump was humungous with Alf. Its also known that stretch marks are genetic, apparently if your Mama got them your more likely to have them! My beautiful Mama does and three bambinos later she wears them proud, yet I’ve none in sight! Personally I put that down to nourishing from the inside out. Drinking plentiful water and eating the rainbow is my motto to fixing pretty much everything in life! There’s my first “Must Do” drink water, lots of it, hydrated skin and generous amounts of vitamin C are vital in keeping the skin elasticated. I’ve also tried and tested a few lotions and potions throughout my pregnant state, I can’t possibly pick one favourite so let me share my top 3.

The Everyday Oil

The Original and quite possibly the best! Bio Oil is an everyday must have. I use it all year round, year after year. It is a bargain and one to stock up on throughout the first few months of pregnancy, I find this prepares the skin for the stretching ahead.

The Spa Experience Oil 

Treat Yourself, The Luxury Buy. I’ve raved numerous times about the Clarins body Tonic range in my previous post, it’s my absolute favourite ‘treat’ oil, ever. I say treat as at £40 a pop it is a little expensive to lather on day and night, that being said it is an at home spa experience with every use. I first tried out the Clarins Body Tonic Oil when pregnant with my first. I used this almost every night across my chest, tum and bum and seriously my skin has never looked so good, it glows. The smell, uh the smell is so lush, this is a perfect present for any expecting Mamas, I mean who deserves a treat more than a mama to be!

Third Trimester Must Have 

Ladies, be aware of any last minute blooming. My bump got huge towards the end with Alfie, not just my bump but my boobs too. It’s actually quite surreal to look down and see boob double that of a small persons head. I smoothed on Neal’s Yard Mothers Balm throughout the third trimester. I apply this at night as its thick consistency absorbs for hours. My least favourite smelling product however an absolute must if you are concerned about stretch marks or want that extra nourish towards the end of pregnancy.

For The Pins 

All that care and attention going to bump and boobs, I’m not sure about you ladies but I totally neglect from the hips down, I mean what’s even going on down there! A treat for tired, over worked, swollen legs is the Clarins Energising Emulsion. This camomile, sage and basil lotion will relieve and hydrate your legs and feet. This time I’ve pregnancy I’ve been retaining fluid in my legs from around 23 weeks, I find this works wonders on my tired, puffy legs, perfect for those lucky enough to get a foot rub at the end of a long day.

The Pillow

Sleep time, or lack of it! Exhausted all day, awake all night, yip sounds way too familiar. Bed time rolls around all suddenly my back aches, my legs cramp and my bladder seems to refill on its own and who turned the heating on! Pregnancy insomnia sucks big time, if only I could get comfortable. The BBhugme Pregnancy Pillow has become my new best friends during this pregnancy. I’m not a sleep expert but my back hurts, it hurts bad and to date this pillow helps. This chiropractor designed pillow allows support exactly where needed, my only advice, don’t wait till your in uncomfortable or in pain before trying this pillow, it is worth the investment now.  Use throughout pregnancy to support where needed most and beyond as a nursing support pillow. It also comes in a variety of pretty pastel colours, (yes, I’m a sucker for anything pretty like that), on a more serious note this pillow is my life right now.

My Pregnancy Best Friend BBHugMe Maternity Pillow 
Steals my bed, then my pillow

The Maternity Pyjamas

Quite possibly my most asked question on the blog this pregnancy, my recommendations on maternity pyjamas. I’m so pleased to have finally found the pair. Now before I explain what I love most about these pyjamas, firstly allow me to highlight, adapting to and accepting your ever changing, ever growing pregnant body isn’t easy, I’ve struggled more than I thought possible this time round. With more focus on day time wear throughout pregnancy, I’ve found the variety of comfortable and stylish everyday wear has certainly improved over the years. When it comes to pyjamas though, I think we underestimate how long we spend in loungewear throughout pregnancy and those first few months where showering before noon is impossible. If I’m spending a significant amount of time in my pyjamas I want to be comfortable and happy but I’d also quite like to feel feminine and look good, this is a time to feel beautiful. Thats exactly what the Elizabeth Maternity Set by Bumpkyn London is. These functional pyjamas are luxury with all the support you need. I absolutely adore them and with the most gorgeous packaging, I think these would make for a perfect baby shower gift for expecting Mamas.

Perfect Baby Shower Gift 
Bumpkyn Elizabeth Maternity Pyjamas 
Popper Opening For Nursing and Bonding 

The Bras

I mentioned the boobs earlier, let me elaborate. I’ve never had much boob going on. I like having small boobs and loved that at 28 years young I got away with not wearing a bra most days, life was so free. Anyway, that was way before kids, these days I wouldn’t dare. Luckily for the general public I’ve found the perfect bra brand for pregnancy and nursing. I love the Bravado Ballet Nursing Bra. The fabric is ultimate in softness with an adorable silhouette and the colour is just beautiful. It’s a prefect stay at home, all day, all night bra. You really can lounge, nurse, sleep, repeat in this one.

Lounge, Nurse, Sleep, Repeat in the Bravado Design Ballet Bra 

My other everyday bra is the Buttercup Nursing Bra. It offers full drop away cup design to allow skin on skin when nursing, I love that. My favourite thing about this bra is the attention to detail, its comfortable, practical and super pretty and does give full support. I’ve found my boobs really pokey out this trimester, too much detail, sorry. Nothing ruins a basic tee look than an unsupported nipple peering through, I prefer mine firmly supported and out of sight. The Buttercup is perfect for pregnancy and beyond.

Buttercup Nursing Bra 


There we have it ladies, my most loved, most raved about, must have items throughout pregnancy and that newborn haze, I hope you’ve enjoyed having a read. Rest up, drink lots of water and invest in those items you need (not just want). Your tired legs, swollen tum, achy back and most importantly, your little bundle of joy will thank you for it. Please do get on touch if you are expecting or have any questions on these products, I love hearing form you all.

Sending all my love to you and bump.


Emma x


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