What Instagramming Means To Me

Yay I hit 40k followers this week which I think is just wonderful, I’m super excited to have so many new followers supporting my little squares of happiness over on Instagram. It’s a wonderful place, Instagram. I like to think of my feed as my online scrap book,  a direct link to a specific time, feeling, emotion, it’s an expression of where I’m at in life. My bio says UK Blogger, (which I still find a little crazy), life, travel and of course motherhood is where my expertise lie. Truth be told I’m just a girl who’s very much in love with her life and shares bits of it through Instagram ( and of course here, my blog site).

I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember and I’m also a girl who welcomes conversations with people I’ve never met, so it works! I’d like to share what Instagramming is to me. I’ll answer those questions I’m often asked and my top tips for growing your account (although I’m no pro, just a girl with a cute kid and a kind heart).

Editing Posts

I use my iPhone X to capture all my photos. I only shoot when there is good natural light, which can be a nightmare throughout the winter months in Scotland. Most of my photos feature Alfie, have you ever tried to photograph a baby/toddler, jeez it’s hard going. I prefer candid shots of my little one,  I’ll capture a little moment without him even noticing. I use Snapseed, Lightroom and VSCO to edit all my posts and if I do add special effects, I use BokehCamFX or ColourStory.



I get to meet so many wonderful likeminded people through Instagram. I have my friends and then I have my online friends. I love connecting with people who share the same interests. I meet so many people who encourage, support and inspire. I encourage you to have a think the next time you scroll through your Instagram feed. Does your feed inspire you? When did we become so fearful of unfollowing? My advice would be to not take unfollowing personal or to overthink it.  I no longer follow the 200 woman health and fitness pages I once did because that stage in my life has moved on, it’s no longer of interest, it no longer inspires me. Fill your feed with the accounts you love, the people and places you want to see more of, use this space to inspire you. Some of my favourite accounts to follow where once just photos that amazed me, now they are my friends.



My favourite people on Instagram are those who take the time to comment on my posts. Those who read the caption and engage in conversation. I love that.  Lets be honest we all post to gain likes, it’s a nice feeling when someone likes your post. For me it’s so refreshing when someone takes a few minutes out their day to get in touch. I love reading comments and messages, it really does make my day. It’s also a way for me to get to know my followers. I have no idea who likes my post because quite frankly I do not have the time to scroll through thousands per post. I do however always make time to engage with those who comment or message. Isn’t it a nice thought to use this space as a way of spreading kindness and well wishes. Next time you’re having a scroll through and find a post worthy of a double tap, leave a comment, what did you like about it, what can you say that may just make that persons day. Engage and spread some kindness, go on!


Insta queen Dom from @allthatisshe wrote a wonderful blog piece on imitating a few weeks back. There is no point in me trying to do the post justice, I’d strongly advise you to go have a read, I’ll pop the link below. The long and short of it is to be yourself, as the saying goes, everyone else is taken. Imitation can be flattering for the original creator but also very disheartening when not done in the right way. I’m a visual person, my head is like a Pinterest Board. I see, I’m inspired, I do, but I always give credit to those who inspire me, there’s no rule on this, for me it’s just manners. Now I won’t go as far as saying copyright is needed, however just yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram and there was Alfie, walking at 9 months old. Only it wasn’t my feed, it was an account that I don’t even follow, it was 4 hours in and over 1 million views with no tag, no mention, no credit, not okay. This is frustrating, it’s not direct imitating, more  stealing my content, bottom line… its manner some to acknowledge those who deserve it.




The Cons

I was recently asked if I ever worry about sharing so much of my life online. Until I was asked that question it has never crossed my mind. The answer is I don’t, I feel it’s a real privilege to be able to share parts of my life with so many wonderful people. I say parts because I choose which parts I open to the world. I think of it this way, it’s a space where I create content to inspire and share. Thats all, some people will love it and other not so much, I’m okay with that.


Top Tips

Be you. I’ve tried various styles of posting and presenting myself in lots of different ways. It didn’t feel right so it certainly didn’t look right. Everything I post about is me, it’s my life, it’s who I am and it’s what I’m passionate about. I believe that shines through in my posts.

Caption it. Instagram is so much more than a filtered photo. I’ve been known to ramble on in my captions but I like to have a good spiel alongside my photo. I think of it as being a caption with a photo to back up what I’m saying. What made your day, oh theres a lovely photo of how it went, thats my thought process when posting.

Don’t overthink it, just post it. I’ve done this a million times over. Will I post it, what if no one likes it, do I even like it, what will I even write? Just go for it. I only post what I love, if not as many people like this one, I’m okay with that too, I’m not defined by my last Instagram post and lets face it, can my darling baby boy get any cuter!

So that’s what Instagram means to me. It’s my space for sharing, connecting and growing with a whole new bunch of wonderful people from all corners of the world. That to me means pretty exciting and uplifting times ahead.  To me that means a growing community of like minded people supporting and encouraging each other. It means more creating, more snapping and more funs times spent with my little love.  For me, I get the opportunity to live my passion everyday.

As always come say hi, as I said I’m a girl who loves conversations with people I’ve never met, I’d love to hear from you, here or over on Instagram.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you use your ‘space’ in a way that inspires you.

Hope to see you soon.


Emma xx



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Warm Welcome. I’m Emma, also known as Muma to my little love, Alf. I’m sharing life as a new Mum, all things travel and lifestyle, I speak from the heart. I’m a family girl with an endless love for photography and travel. I’d like to say self taught yoga lover but some days I just wear yoga pants and drink tea. I spend far to much time on Instagram. Join me on my journey as I venture through this wonderful motherhood experience and country by country introduce this marvellous world to my little boy. I start every day with a grateful heart. Hope to see you again soon. Emma

5 thoughts on “What Instagramming Means To Me

  1. Hi Emma! I’ve started blogging for the same reasons – it’s such a blessing to have motherhood redirect my energy into more nurturing media consumption and interaction. I’ll be sure to follow your blog and Instagram – you seem like a kindred spirit!


  2. Emma it’s the first time iv seen this I think it’s just so wonderful and Alfie is the most amazing wee chap he is just beautiful and never stop wot ur doing ❤❤❤


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