First Birthday Theme


And just like that my baby is now a 1-year-old and all of a sudden I totally understand those Mummy’s who refer to their children as being 23 months old! Saying it out loud just feels like he’s so much older and no longer my little baby. It has been an emotional rollercoaster this week, I’m exhausted however we’ve had a lovely time celebrating Alfie’s first birthday with our nearest and dearest.


For his birthday celebration I went for the smallest possible gathering in our home. Lets face it, Alfie was none the wiser it was his birthday so I choose something fitting for all rather than a kiddy party. We have a solid 10, maybe even 15 years of crazy themed kids parties ahead, for his first birthday I felt the people who mean the most in a place we love the most would do just nicely. I also have to be honest, anything more than a small gathering (small being 10 people) completely sends my anxiety through the roof. I stress at the thought of organising such an event, I don’t enjoy it at all. The last thing I wanted on my little ones memorable day was being rushed off my feet or loosing sleep over the silliest of things.  Afternoon tea (which really is just a nicer way of saying come to our house and eat lots of cake) whilst reminiscing over the past 12 months, Alfie loving the attention and playing with his new gifts was perfect, exactly the way I had hoped.

Beautiful birthday outfit by Nanos

Birthday ideas came from a number of wonderfully creative accounts I follow on Instagram. As soon as October hit I got straight onto Pinterest to create my baby birthday mood board. I didn’t have a specific theme in mind, anything neutral, fresh, clean, classic works for me and as soon as I spotted the balloon arch I had to give it a bash. It was relatively simple to make and I thought it looked amazing (link for step by step balloon arch tagged in picture below). All decor was done within a budget of £60 and the best part was that I got to create it on my own. Yes I was up most of the night and dizzy for 2 hours after blowing up 89 balloons (I picked up the wrong balloon pump) but the end result was worth it. I do enjoy all things arts and crafts and adding my own personal touch is what I love to do! The Number 1 pinata was made from a cardboard box that was cut out, stuck back together then covered with wrapping paper. I loved how it turned out, it’s a great prop for anyone thinking cake smash or first birthday photo shoot. His cake was made by a local cake shop then I added the leaves and macaroons to finish it off, it was delicious.


My little guy had the best time which really is all that matters. More than ever I’ve been looking back on the memories we’ve made over the past 12 months. This week has been a gentle reminder of how precious time is and that we really should make everyday count. I constantly go between, please stay small and be my baby forever but wait I cant wait for you to be a litte bit bigger so we can go explore and make everyday an adventure. On reflection nothing changes now that he’s a one year old. We will take everyday as it comes, live in all the little moments and look forward to the days ahead, its silly really, he’ll always be my baby, always.



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Warm Welcome. I’m Emma, also known as Muma to my little love, Alf. I’m sharing life as a new Mum, all things travel and lifestyle, I speak from the heart. I’m a family girl with an endless love for photography and travel. I’d like to say self taught yoga lover but some days I just wear yoga pants and drink tea. I spend far to much time on Instagram. Join me on my journey as I venture through this wonderful motherhood experience and country by country introduce this marvellous world to my little boy. I start every day with a grateful heart. Hope to see you again soon. Emma

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